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For ant Control, Jim’s uses a targeted approach

Ants are one of the annoying little pests that seem to get into everything. There is nothing more distressing than coming home to find a black, moving line of critters disappearing into your cupboards.

Some people even think that ants have a sixth sense that allows them to detect open packets of food. In fact, this is not the case, and most ant infestations start with scout ants.

A few days before they are invaded by ants, clients will often report seeing the odd ant here and there. They say that they run randomly all over the floor, travelling in no clear direction.

When this happens, they are simply looking for a good food source. Once this is located, they will then go back and tell their friends. Shortly after, and soon the invasion takes place.

In the old days of pest control, a blanket spray was applied to yards to eliminate ants. Unfortunately, it eliminated a lot of other beneficial bugs and insects as well.

Even worse, because ants could detect these products, they would often simply avoid the area. They would then adapt to their environment and find another way into your home or business. This led to a lot of failed treatments and unhappy clients.

These days Jim’s use a targeted approach regarding ant treatments. Products are now available that replicate the food source the ants look for.

Ants simply pick up the treated food and carry it back to the nest. This food will have a chemical on it that the ants cannot detect. Once it is in the nest, they will start to feed on it, releasing the chemical that will soon start to affect them.

Using these current products, it is possible to eliminate ants within a few short days.

Ant Control Hobart
Wandering Ants

Protein or sugar eaters

The success of any ant treatment using baits is dependant on understanding what the ants are feeding on. Ants can be placed into two different feeding groups. They are:

  1. Protein eaters
  2. Sugar eaters

It is important to understand which ones you have. If you provided a protein bait to a sugar feeder, they would simply ignore it. The same can be said for a protein eater regarding sugar.

All our Hobart technicians know how to clearly identify which ones you have.

Injection of ant nests

In some instances, our technicians in Hobart may choose to inject a nest. This usually occurs when dealing with bull ants or coastal brown ants. In these situations, the nest is located, and a chemical is injected directly into the nest. Within a few short hours the ants will be affected by the product.

This is a great way to eliminate these ants as we are only targeting their nests. The rest of the surrounding environment is left untouched.


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