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Successful flea control requires two treatments

Most people think that fleas only live on pets, and, if you treat your pets regularly, you will not see any.

Often our techs come across situations where a client’s pets do not have fleas, yet there are still hundreds bouncing around. It can be quite confusing to most people.

Our local techs, being experts in fleas, are likely to be able to discover the reasons why they are there. Looking outside of the box will often reveal the animal that is transporting them.

To successfully control fleas will require two visits by your local pest controller. To understand the reasoning behind this, you must first understand the life cycle of a flea.

Fleas hatch from eggs laid in carpet, soils, and cracks and crevasses. From the time the egg is laid until it’s hatched, typically takes 7 days.

If you perform an initial treatment, some flea eggs will remain unaffected. A few days later they will hatch and start bouncing around looking for a host.

Therefore, it is so important for your local tech to perform two treatments. The second treatment will take care of any that have hatched subsequent to the first flea treatment.

If this is combined with steam cleaning of the floors, it will be a knockout combination.

This process is how the Jim’s Pest Control tech can get fleas under control quickly.

flea treatment
Biting Fleas

I have fleas, but do not own any pets

Some of the most surprising flea control treatments we perform are for clients who have no pets.

They ring us after venturing outside and fleas jump up on them. To most home owners, this is a puzzling situation.

Our local techs know that the culprit is likely to be another animal, rather than a family pet. Other animals, such as native animals, or neighbours pets, can carry around fleas easily. Because the wild animals are untreated, and other residents’ pets may also be untreated, they can carry around many fleas.

When flea infested animals enter your yard, some fleas or eggs will disperse. Then, when you wander outside, they will jump all over you.

When our techs mention this, the penny drops. The clients often will let them know of cats, dogs, or possums visit their yards often.

You will be surprised how long they stay dormant for

Did you know that a flea egg can remain dormant for up to nine months?

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. Flea eggs, once laid, can stay dormant for many months. Then, when a person or animal enters the area, vibrations will cause them to hatch instantly.

This is especially common in property rentals. The previous tenant may have had pets with fleas. Even being vacant for several months will not help.

When a new tenant moves in, fleas will instantly emerge. This is where Jim’s Pest Control Hobart is called in to get them back under control.


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