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Rat control starts with working out why they are there

Rats are a truly horrifying pest. Their size and large teeth are what scares most people, and the thought of such animals running around your home is disturbing.

If cornered they will attack, and can inflict some serious damage with their teeth. What is even more concerning is the various diseases they can carry.

Your local Jim’s Pest Control technician is dealing with rats on a daily basis. Through our years of experience, we know that there is always a reason why rats are in your home or business.

There are three driving forces as to why rats will be in a particular area.

Firstly, they will want a steady food source. This is often provided in Hobart from overflowing rubbish bins. Even pet food left out overnight will provide just what they need.

The second is their need for shelter. Roof voids, sheds, and wall structures provide the ideal home. They prefer a dark, tight space that makes it harder for predators to find them.

Finally, if both of the first two are found, they will want to breed.

When your local rodent exterminator visits, they will look at all these reasons. They will identify issues and offer you some helpful suggestions.

This will help the success of the rodent control treatment they will deploy.

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Damaging Rats

If you have chickens, you have rats

All Jim’s Pest Control technicians know that if you keep chickens in your yard, you will most assuredly have rats too. Rats will be attracted to the area as they know any spilt grain will be easy pickings for them.

They will often build burrows under chicken coops, and in these situations, they can be extremely hard to get rid of.

The first step will be to remove the chickens and clean their coop up. Your local Jim’s tech can then apply some baits in a lockable bait station. Within a short period of time the rodents will be eliminated.

If it is not possible to remove the chickens, it will make treating the rats a lot more difficult.

Elderly client feeds rat in disguise

The funniest case we have come across was an elderly couple. They had received a spider control service by one of our technicians.

When the treatment was finished it was just before dark. The client asked it our technician would like to feed their friendly possums.

They would feed these possums by hand every night. The tech being polite said he would love to. He was shocked when finally saw the “possums” – he was confronted by some very fat rats.

Yep, the lovely old couple had been feeding rats. They were that well cared for they were nearly the size of a possum.


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