We do not recommend you try wasp nest removal yourself because the chances of being stung is extremely high. You need the local Jim’s expert to help. Our techs servicing Hobart and Tasmania are experienced, fully trained, and insured. You can trust the Jim’s name to help you with any pest problem.

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Wasp nest removal is best done at night

Wasps are one of those “ambush predators” that you do not know you have until you get stung.

Paper wasps are the ones that you will typically come across. They tend to build their nests under eave lines of houses, and their nests will look like an upside-down mushroom.

Some people have even mistaken them for being bees because the nest has a honeycomb-like structure.

Unlike bees, who will sting one and then die, wasps can sting multiple times. It is common for someone who has discovered them to be stung several times.

Their stings can be extremely painful, and, in some cases, many require hospitalisation.

If you are contemplating tackling a wasp nest yourself, the following tips may be helpful.

Firstly, when treating them with an insecticide, do this at night. During the dark hours, their eyesite is poor. Make sure you cover all exposed skin, and it is not recommended to use a torch.

The reason being is that when they are under attack, they will fly towards a light source. If you are the one that is holding the light, you will soon be bombarded by some incredibly angry wasps.

Once the nest has been removed, only then treat the area. This will prevent them from forming a new nest.

If this sounds too hard or dangerous, simply contact your local Jim’s Pest Control business owner. They will be able to come out and treat them straight away, whilst using the appropriate PPE (Personal Protection Equipment).

Wasp nest removal
European Wasps

Preventative measures keep wasps at bay

If the thought of wasps ambushing you is a concern, then your local Jim’s Pest Control tech can help.

It has been proven that clients who have an annual general pest control treatment, do not have wasp problems. The reason behind this is that the surfaces they typically build their nests on, are treated.

This treatment will often last on the surfaces for 6 months or longer. Any wasp who chooses to land on it will pick up a dose and die. As an added bonus, it will help reduce spider and other pest numbers.

If you would like a free quote on this treatment, please call us on 131 546.

European wasp dangers

European wasps are one of the most dangerous wasps we come across. It is not because they are aggressive, but because they have a sweet tooth.

They like to enter soft drink containers to get at the sugary treat inside. When you take a drink, you will swallow the wasp. Becasue these wasps can sting multiple times, a life-threatening situation can ensue. It is recommended that when outside, you cover the openings of any soft drink containers.

Becasue of the danger involved if you come across a European wasp nest, it is extremely important to get it treated quickly.


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