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Silverfish control requires barrier treatments

Silverfish are regarded as an invisible pest. The only time you will discover you have them is when you spot the telltale holes in your clothes.

It can be really embarrassing when you discover these holes whilst enjoying a night out with friends. When you get home, a quick look will likely shock you as to how big the problem is really is.

To find where they are hiding, many Hobart residents have turned their homes upside down. Often, they will come up empty handed though, and its then they call their local Jim’s Pest Control expert.

Because silverfish are so thin, they can squeeze into some very tight gaps. They tend to hide away during the daylight hours and only emerge once it is dark.

To successfully control silverfish, you will need to put down some chemical barriers. This works by treating the surfaces they travel along to access your clothes.

It will be necessary to remove all clothes from the area to allow every surfaces to be treated. Removed clothes should be washed and tumble dried, or frozen. The reasoning behind this is to ensure any silverfish hiding in the clothes are eliminated.

Your local Jim’s Pest Control tech has several safe chemicals they can use to set up the barrier. Most are water based, colourless and odourless. You and the silverfish will not know the chemical is there.

The use of these products is how our local techs deliver outstanding results for our clients.

Silverfish Control Hobart
Damaging Silverfish

Investigation leads to washing machine culprit

One of our technicians came across a unique silverfish problem. He had treated a property 3 times and the client was still reporting new holes in her new, fine clothing.

This puzzled our technician for a while. He consulted with a senior tech in Jim’s and discovered other situations where this occurred. In this situation it was found out that the washing machine was the cause of the holes.

What was happening was the fine clothes were being pushed through the holes in the drum. The back of these holes was sharp and had catch points. When the clothes were washed, the fine material was pushed through the holes. They then caught on the catch points, causing a hole.

This is where the experience and knowledge base of Jim’s really helped our client.

Where do silverfish live?

Silverfish live in nature under the bark on trees, or under leaf litter on the ground. If you peel the loose bark back on most trees you are likely to find them.

When their populations are overflowing, the excess will explore the local area to find a new home. This is typically when they enter a home.

To prevent a silverfish invasion, it is strongly recommended to have an annual general pest treatment done. This involves putting a chemical barrier around your home that they will not be able to cross. If they do, they will soon die from the product that was applied.


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