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Cockroach control starts with what type you have

Cockroaches are a very secretive pest. Usually you will only glimpse them in the night when you turn on the light.

They use the cover of darkness to scurry about on the hunt for food and water. As they are only an exceedingly small creature, even a single breadcrumb will be a feast.

Given ideal conditions, they can breed rapidly. It is not uncommon for your local Jim’s Pest Control to be called into sites that have wall to wall cockroaches.

There are hundreds of different types of cockroaches in Australia. They all have different behaviours and feeding patterns.

For instance, there is the Queensland burrowing cockroach. These are an extremely scary roach. They can grow the size of your palm. Luckily for us they prefer to live outside.

American roaches are a large insect as well. They can be up to a couple of inches long. During the warmer months they will fly about scaring people. Damp, moist environments like drains and pits are where you are mostly likely to find them.

German cockroaches are the ones which invade kitchens. They like hiding under fridges and sinks. By the time you discover these roaches you will already have an established population.

It is important to understand what cockroach you have, so the correct treatment plan can be put in place. Your local Jim’s Pest Control tech can help with cockroach identification.

Cockroach Control Hobart
Disease Carrying Cockroaches

Modern techniques leave less mess

The traditional way to treat cockroaches is to apply a gel product to harbourages. These gels are typically brown and are dobbed randomly around the infected area.

They are quite messy, and if applied several times, can leave a large build-up of products.

In recent years, manufacturers have worked on less visible treatments. There are now products that can be sprayed onto a surface that are invisible to the human eye.

They work like gel products. That is, they are a laced food source that the cockroaches will readily feed on. One feed is enough to eliminate the roach.

Jim’s Pest Control is leading the industry in using these safe products. It has resulted in us delivering outstanding results for our clients.

Importance of two visits by your local pesty

Cockroaches can squeeze into some very tight gaps. When your local Jim’s Pest Control tech is treating an infestation, they will recommend two visits.

The thought behind this is that on the first visit they are likely to eliminate 95% of the roaches. However, there will be a small population that may be missed.

A second visit will discover these extra harbourage spots. As there are less roaches running about it will make it easy to find these points.

Once the second visit is complete, a warranty will often be offered.


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