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Spider control starts with insect reduction

A large percentage of the population have a fear of spiders. It comes from stories in which people have woken, only to find a spider on their face.

Even when walking around your yard, getting a face full of spider webs in not a great experience. It is frustrating for the spider as well. All their intricate construction masterpieces have been destroyed.

Spiders build webs around your home or business because there is a good supply of insects. Just think about what happens at night when you leave the light on.

Insects are attracted to the light all night long. To a spider this is a fantastic opportunity to get established. They will soon set up webs around light fittings, and wait for the humans to turn the lights on.

So, in a way, spiders are using the environment that we create to their advantage. And, as we become more environmentally aware, it results in a great opportunity for spiders.

Spider Control Hobart
Dangerous Redback Spider

Simple things you can do to reduce the spider population

To effectively get spiders under control there are some simple things you can do.

Wiping down webs each day, and making sure youn turn off the lights is a great start.

Tipping out any unused water containers will help to stop attracting insects, a spider’s food source, to your yard.

Having a general pest treatment performed by Jim’s on the outside of your home is the most important thing you can do.

These treatments use repellent chemicals, which repel insects from the area. The treatments last for months and if performed in spring, can result in a pest-free summer.

If all of the above is done, there will be no insects for spiders to capture for food. They will then simply move on to more fertile hunting grounds

Redback spiders like to hide on kids’ toys

Most people, when thinking of redback spiders, think that they only live in outside toilets or sheds. This is not correct as they can live in exceedingly small areas.

Our local Hobart techs have a vast experience when it comes to redback spiders. They know that they commonly hide under kids toys that are left unattended in yards. Children’s swing sets are another great spot you are likely to find them.

Redback spider webs are easy to spot when you know what you are looking for. Typically, their webs will consist of half a dozen very sticky strains. These strains will extend from their hiding spot to the ground.

If you look around the base of your home, you should be able to easily spot these webs.

Engaging the services of your local Jim’s Pest Control business owner is the best thing you can do. They have some fantastic treatments that can keep these scary spiders at bay for most of the year.


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