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Bee removal: bee capture techniques

Bee populations overseas are being decimated by diseases and mites. These very important insects are vital to our environment. In fact, they are responsible for pollinating most or our flowers.

Without bees it is believed that we will not be able to produce enough food to support the human population.

In Australia, we have not had any significant local sightings of overseas diseases and mites. The Federal Government has significant plans in place if they do come to our shores.

In Hobart we are surrounded by a pristine environment. Bees have flourished in the area, but this has unfortunately led to some bees moving into the walls of residential homes.

When this happens Jim’s Pest Control Hobart is called to see if they can be saved. In some cases, this will not be possible, and they need to be destroyed.

When bees swarm, it presents an opportunity to capture them. They will often hang on branches or building structures while they send out scouts to look for a permanent home.

Being clumped up allows for an easy capture. Your local Jim’s Pest Control tech will deploy a couple of different techniques.

Firstly, they may decide to use a fine mesh bag. The bees are then simply dropped into this bag. It is a great way to capture them as it does not damage them in any way.


The other way is to use a Nuc box. Again, the bees can be dropped into it. In some cases, the bees maybe on the ground. Where this occurs the Nuc box is placed near them and they simply march in.

Once bees have entered a structure then it is almost impossible to remove them. Unfortunately, in this case, a bee treatment must be performed which will terminate the bees.

However, at all times we try to save the bees for removal. Your local Jim’s Hobart pest controller will let you know if it is possible to save them.

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Scout bees and what you should do

Jim’s Pest Control Hobart often receive calls in spring with people spotting bees around their home. They usually fly around, randomly entering air vents and holes.

Clients often report that it will start with 10 or so bees. Every day the numbers will increase. When this occurs, it is some scout bees looking for a new home.

It signals that the original hive has a new queen and is about to split into two. Obviously, there cannot be two queens in a hive, so one must move on.

One queen will send out scouts to find a new home. They will relay to her daily what they have found. Once an ideal location has been selected the hive will swarm.

When you find scout bees, the best thing you can do is to call Jim’s. Our local tech will be able to put a repellent product onto the areas of interest to the bees. As it is a repellent, the bees will sense it is there and move on.

The great part about this treatment is that active bee removal may not be necessary. It is worth noting that the bee repellent we use will not harm the bee hive.


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