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Fly control begins with understanding their habits

Flies are one of those disgusting pests that seem to come out of nowhere. As soon as you start cooking, they appear like magic.

They want to share in the food you are preparing, however their personal hygiene habits are disgusting. Walking all over your food is enough to make anyone feel sick.

With a sucking mouth part (proboscis), they will lick and suck on food they stumble across. When you think of what other areas they have walked over, like rubbish bins, it makes you want to throw out all exposed foods.

When most people think of fly control, they envisage a fly swat or fly spray. People in the know, use Jim’s Pest Control. We have fantastic treatments that can keep flies at bay for months.

When a fly enters a business or home they will fly in and find somewhere to roost. Typically, this will be on a ceiling or doorway. From this vantage point they will survey their surrounds.

They will often mark this area with faeces. This will let other flies know that it is a safe place to rest.

Flies use all their sensors to find a suitable food source. From their vantage point they will buzz down to unattended food and have a feed.

As well as feeding on food, they will also lay eggs or larvae.

Unattended food provides opportunity for flies

When a fly lands on food, it is for two basic urges. Firstly, they want to feed and restock its energy levels. Secondly, it wants to lay eggs or larvae on the food to continue the life cycle.

These eggs and maggots are hard to see with the human eye. They will feast on the provided food and grow rapidly. Within in a few short days they will be very visible.

Once these maggots reach maturity, they will wiggle away from their food source. They will look for somewhere safe, where they can form a cocoon. These cocoons are often dark brown in colour.

It is at this stage usually that Jim’s Pest Control is call in. Clients report having maggots crawling all over their home, and they even defy gravity by clinging to the ceiling.

In these cases, the ceiling and affected areas will need to be treated. While we cannot stop them from fleeing their hiding spots, our treatments will control them once they emerge.

If possible, the original food source will be removed. Unfortunately, in the case of a dead animal in a ceiling or wall, this may be impossible.

Your local tech will do their best to locate their food source and advise you of their findings.

Fly Control

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