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Mosquito control starts with tipping water out

Hearing a buzzing noise when you are trying to sleep is enough to panic most people. You will turn the lights on to try and find the perpetrator and, if you are lucky, they will have had a feed and be flying quite slowly.

More often than not however, you will not see them at all. Worse, as soon as the lights go out the buzzing will return.

Mosquitoes have resulted in many sleepless nights for Hobart locals. They can be one of the most frustrating insects you will come across.

The great news is that your local Jim’s Pest Controller has treatments which have the ability to keep them under control.

Most clients will have mosquitoes around their home because they provide the optimal conditions for them to breed.

Look around your yard and you are likely to find containers holding stagnant water in them. This is the ideal situation for mosquitoes to lay their eggs in.

Soon they will hatch, and the larvae will start to grow. If the water lasts long enough, they will eventually morph and turn into a mosquito.

Therefore,, the first step to mosquito control is to tip any excess water out of containers just lying around, and prevent water from collecting in the future.

mosquito control
Annoying Mosquito

Treating mosquito resting points

Once the water sources have been reduced, or removed, the next step is to treat their resting points.

Mosquitoes will typically rest under eaves or walls that provide protection from the sun. They will sit there quite happily all day long, but, as soon as dusk comes, they will move off these areas.

An effective treatment of the resting spots is vital to mosquito control. Your local Jim’s Pest Control technician will treat these areas with specialised equipment and products.

Even the underside of plants can be treated. The products used are water based, hence will not affect the plants they are sprayed on.

Dams and pools can be treated with specialised products

Local ponds, pools, and dams are the source of the majority of mosquitoes. Most products are unable to be used in these areas as they can affect local aquatic life.

There are, however, pest control products on the market that can be used. These are based on a growth regulator that effects how the mosquito larvae moults.

These growth regulators have been proven to be safe to use in aquatic environments. Before they are used, the site will need to be evaluated. Often there will be other suggestions that should be followed first.

For example, in the case of an unused swimming pool, it is easier to remove the water. This way the mozzies will not have anywhere to breed.


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